Language Teacher Training Program


Teaching Arabic to Speakers of Other Languages (TASOL)


Education Canada College offers part time, full time and intensive  TASOL certificate and diploma programs. Nowadays foreigners to Arabic Countries and its diverse culture more and more realize the importance of Artistic, Business and Cultural communication with this major section of the world. Recent existence of western allies in middle east and booming of commercial interaction among other countries with Middle East countries, hundreds of thousands of Westerners as well as other Asians have shown great interest to culture and language of Middle East countries. Hence the Arabic official language has become an important tool of business and cultural exchanges for all foreigners willing to work with all Arabic Countries or Arabic communities. There is also a need to preserve Arabic language among the new Arabic communities’ youngsters and children around the world. Education Canada is the founder of TASOL in Canada and perhaps one of the world’s first pioneers of this program since 1995. Teaching rules of Arabic grammar & Conversation can be extremely challenging. Since native Arabic speakers learn grammar incidentally, many teachers find it easy to make grammatical corrections but difficult to explain the grammatical rules behind them. The TASOL Diploma Program provides you with a thorough understanding of different aspects of grammar and enables you to learn techniques to teach this subject effectively in a classroom. In this course you will find concepts set in an interesting and humorous tone to provide you and your students with a better learning experience.



> 400 Hours TASOL/TASL  Post Graduate Diploma.

>Those who achieve a 95% score or higher, after completion of the course will receive an honours distinction on their Certificate as well as 25% tuition refund.


Program Length

400 hours course to be completed within four months of registration at Education Canada Campus.



All Diploma programs offered at Education Canada may be conducted by correspondence/ online which may take a longer time period to complete. Theoretical aspects of the courses can be conducted correspondence/ online while the experience part will be conducted in a representative school of Education Canada in your area. Education Canada has over 365 representative members world wide that will be accessible to our correspondence students.

Course Objective

In completion of the ECC’s Teaching Arabic  TASOL  Module, you will:

>Perfect your own grammar & conversation skills and be encouraged to develop a holistic approach to teaching grammar & conversation;

>Be able to identify common grammatical errors for the language students and learn strategies to communicate proper techniques in an integrated and enjoyable manner as well as developing communication tasks for students.

>Learn a vast array of entertaining grammar teaching along with conversation activities and lesson plans.

>Develop a list of resources for use in your classroom.

Recommended Background

You should be native speaker and have a sound understanding of Arabic grammar through high school and/or University/College education. A non native speaker can only attend this class after scoring high in the Education Canada Arabic Proficiency Exam APE.  APE is the Canadian equivalent for Arabic University Language Evaluation AULE recognized by Egypt Ministry of Education.

Course Content

>Reviewing grammar & conversation skills by identifying and attempting to repair some common errors

>Testing knowledge of various aspects of grammar, vocabulary and being introduced to a vast array of entertaining conversation teaching activities

>Considering options available for teaching grammar, conversation & vocabulary and evaluate communicative approaches in teaching.

>Be introduced to various types of resources and learn how to combine these resources in an integrated manner

>Strategies for designing different types of units including an “Icebreaker” Lesson Plan

>Receive an evaluated resource list

Course Evaluations

In this module students will complete readings, personal reflections, unevaluated exercises and an assignment that consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.  Students may earn honour distinctions in this module by scoring an average of 95% or higher on the multiple-choice test.


Course Materials

>Teaching Arabic Course Book developed by McGill University.

>Teaching Arabic Assignment Booklet.

>Focus on Arabic.

*All Materials are included in course fee

Employment Opportunities

Students who achieve the TASOL/TASL Post Graduate Diploma will be able to work for foreign enterprises willing to exchange businesses with middle east & North Africa either in main land or abroad, working with individual CEOs or Directors of companies; and last not the least to teach Arabic to Arabic community children who may not have attended Arabic educational schooling system outside middle east. Grammar & Conversation are the basic components in every language classroom and teachers will often have their skills be evaluated in the interview process. Being proficient in teaching both grammar & conversation will open the door to many employment opportunities abroad and will allow you to teach students of all ages.